GPS Tracking Solution in Nepal


Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking


GPS Tracking Solutions by Telematics provides real-time vehicle location along with a detailed trip history with just a few clicks.  You will be able to see when driver breaks policy for speeding, idling, unauthorized trips and much more. We provide a real time trail utilizing a patented technology that provides the most advanced insights into your employee’s driving behavior.



  • Real-Time 24x7 GPS Tracking
  • Accessible from Anywhere via the Internet Browser and Android App.
  • Easy-to-Use Tools
  • Intuitive Map Controls
  • Multiple Map Styles
  • Tracking History with full report upto 365 Days
  • Route Viewer
  • Geo-fencing
  • User-defined Landmarks
  • Messaging Service via Email or Text*
  • Event Alerts
  • View Fleet from PC or Smartphone
  • Multiple Types of Reports


  • Real-Time location and Status of vehicles allows effective trip planning.
  • Powerful monitoring and reporting tools results in higher levels of service and better customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce and Simplify administration tasks and take informed business decisions quickly and effectively.
  • Visibility and Accountability of fleets helps create a better image to customer and Bring new business.
  • Monitor Usage and Stoppages, leading to reduction in unauthorized usage and unauthorized stoppages.
  • Accurate reporting of Driver timesheets, delivery times and Loading/Unloading durations, allows proper planning and Increases efficiency.
  • Avoid misusage and increase vehicle lifetime, reduce fuel consumption, go green.
  • Verify travel time and total time at a stop, reduce overtime cost and service on time.
  • Reduce speeding, Monitor excessive acceleration and deceleration to Reduce accident rates and Extend Vehicle Life
  • Reduce personal use of official vehicles hence reduce maintenance costs    


* extra cost shall be incurred for Text notification.


GPS Tracking Solution in Nepal
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